Frequently asked questions

How do you value my business?

We use key SaaS metrics, benchmarks, and public market valuations to calculate a fair value.

How does Unaris work with acquired companies?

We roll up our sleeves and get hands on. You’ll be working with our founding team on all aspects of growth (see team)

How long do I have to stay around for after acquisition?

We can tailor this to your needs. We are happy for you to leave after a transition period, or join the Unaris group for a longer period.

I don’t think now is the right time to sell my business, but i might be interested in the future. What do I do?

A lot of founders we speak to don’t sell the business that they have built over many years right away. If you can imagine selling you software company in the future and are looking for a partner, we would love to have a chat and can walk you through the process and even help you in getting your company “transaction ready”. If that sounds interesting to you and your business, please get in touch.

Is Unaris in it for the long run?

100%. We are dedicated to building the largest product suite on the Salesforce ecosystem - we acquire companies that we want to hold and make them successful.

We are multiple founders - do we all need to stay on?

We can be flexible! We would like at least 1 founder to stay for a transition.

What does a deal look like?

Our classic approach is we have a cash out and an incentive mechansim to align your success with the wider Unaris success.

What jobs/activities will you take off my plate?

We are building out a Unaris support platform to handle finance, HR and admin so you don’t have to. In addition we provide various growth oriented resources.

Where is Unaris based?

Unaris is a UK based Ltd company, HQ’d in London